NetServa (Hosting Control Panel)

This is an ultra simple web based Hosting Control Panel for a lightweight DNS, Mail and Web server based on Ubuntu Server (minimum Zesty 17.04). It uses PowerDNS for DNS, Postfix/Dovecot + Spamprobe for SMTP and spam filtered IMAP email hosting along with nginx + PHP7 FPM + LetsEncrypt SSL for efficient and secure websites. It can use either SQLite or MySQL as database backends and the SQLite version only requires 60Mb of ram on a fresh install so is ideal for LXD containers or 256Mb VPS plans. Some of the features are...

  • NetServa does not reqire Python or Ruby, just PHP and Bash
  • Fully functional DNS, Mail and Web server with Spam filtering
  • Built from the ground up using Bootstrap 4 and jQuery 3

Comments and pull requests are most welcome via the Issue Tracker link below.

Project Page Issue Tracker